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    Does any one know what happen to, I can't get a good report for EI any more and I am wondering if any body knows whats up?

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    not sure, but EI posts the report/photos on here every morning:
    Emerald Isle, North Carolina surf report

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    Yeah, i was pretty active on there, sucks to see that sight go.. There was some funny ass bashing on that site. Pretty sure Netposer shut it down due to additional costs, not sure though, I remember they were mentioning something about it weeks ahead of time.

  4. MMP1439,
    Can't get a good report for EI and you've been a member here since 10/2008???? The exact same daily report for EI has been posted right here for a year and half (and with more pictures and news), and now it's only exclusively on Swellinfo, which has awesome forecast tools as well.
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    netposer married his skateboard, living up to his screen name

    but for real, they need a new server or something like that?

    could be a while, or never, my friend....chicharronne's life is surely ruined
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    chich is already on I think it took him about a week.

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    its funny i even use for work...its perfect for the forecast. if i need to know what the surf looks like at that very second i used or but still, where do you wind up??? duh,! swellinfo, you have done a wonder... i hope after key west i can rely on you once again, ei surfshop, apprec. the forecast even though ab is a little different from ei.
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    when went down, a little piece of me died. i was on there since '04. i thoroughly enjoyed the relentless bashings of newbies and anyone remotely hinting at kookiness. its not like on here where everyone is fairly descent to each other. all good things must come to an end though and swellinfo is a great sight for its surf reports and forecasts but its not the same. i would usually expect a reply by someone telling me to stop being a computer loving whiny ***** followed by more harsh words out of left field. ah the good ole days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjsk8rmile452 View Post
    i thoroughly enjoyed the relentless bashings of newbies and anyone remotely hinting at kookiness.
    I also miss the wisdom of Zilla, the endless fighting over politics and the guy whose avatar was him with his Bic board trying to meet girls on the site

  10. #10 died about 6 to 7 years ago with the loss of Tank, RiptideVAB, JCCrusifix and a select few others. People who have joined in the last couple of years have no idea how good that site used to be.

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