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    " but also at the same time lacks any advances society has made in the last 50 yrs.. "

    like indoor plumbing

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    I've only driven from Salisbury down Rt. 13 to the bridge tunnel once in my life, and yeah, it does have the look and smell of Deliverance country. But come on, if die-hard surfers are willing to travel to the 3rd world of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I hardly think the VA eastern shore is any more dangerous than what road-side banditos in central america would do to you. And even if everyone and their mom knew about a seceret surf break down in that area, I hardly think they would get overcrowded....there's no where to stay nearby and there's no population of any substance so it would only be a few diehards making the trek on occassion.

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    between,, years past,..and now,..<<for what is at least the fourth time this subject has been posted about,..unless you have the time, money and a boat to explore with, you are just wasting your time. Other then that, it is not hard to find a spot to yourself down past the line. You can even park and ride a bike right up to the the beach at this one nice spot that is down from some of the main parking, if you know where I am talking about,..almost like you own private beach/ break on the right swell. Or if you have what it takes you can walk,>>>back the seven miles to the line itself, and explore all you want. Or have your permit and drive the sand. Otherwise, you will need a boat. And that is something that I would love to check out myself. But unless you have already got your spot confirmed as well as tides correct, it will most likely be more a miss then a score. Unless you can make the run out to those spots on most every swell or know the locals who go out to those areas fishing, you most likely do not stand a chance of finding what you are looking for. Very time intensive early on, but once you found your spot and have all the variables correct, you could know your window pretty well enough to make it worth while. Almost like a mini cortes bank situation. I have got to think that at least one spot off the coast there is game on under the right conditions. I have been doing the google earth on it for a number of years now, and it does look like it would be a great set up. But thinking and knowing are worlds apart.