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    A friend brought one out with him once, couldn't get it to stay on. You move around way too much compared with swimming or paddling, Plus if its chest + you should probably be giving your full attention to what your doing. If I whistled or called someone off a wave and they dropped in anyway and I saw they were wearing an iPod, there'd be some problems with me and that guy

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    Wearing an Ipod is fine for swimming, running, working out.

    But surfing? Hell NO!
    - On mellow, uncrowded days half the joy of surfing is sitting out in the water, listening to the wind and waves and gulls and getting lost in your own thoughts. Just sit on your board and and enjoy the gift that you are receiving.
    -Music kills conversation. Whatever happened to having a friendly chat with a fellow surfer- "nice ride!", "damnnnn....check out the ass on that chick!", "Man you ate **** on that wave!". Who knows- you might even make a new friend.
    -Conversation isnt restricted to pleasantries. How are you going to know which way the guy on the peak is going to? How are you going to divvy up set waves? How are you going to hear his cries for help when a giant squid wraps him up and pulls him under? Ok... maybe not a squid. But I would certainly like to know if a Man-O-War comes drifting by or if a surfer or swimmer or child is in trouble.

    The bottom line- Wearing an Ipod destroys your connection with the waves, isolates you from the lineup, and makes you oblivious to things going on around you. I love music as much as the next guy but for the love of God leave the Ipod in the car. Hum a song. Drum on the deck. Enjoy the ocean.

    If you dont Ill drop in on you out of principle.

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    Hey I understand a lot of ya'lls reasons not to wear one, but I have a little Nano that would be PERFECT for some junk days. I go around pretty much everywhere in OCMD with the earphones in, rocking out everywhere I go, bus, biking, whatever, I'm wearing them. I love listening to music too much NOT to listen. It's like my own little soundtrack, I got some awesome earbuds that are like an ear plug with a hole won the middle, I can stand right next to Coastal Highway, and I can't even hear the cars and trucks going by.. it's awesome.

    BUT, I would like to take it up a notch and get one of the waterproof thingies.. that way, during the summer I can ignore all the tourons and the SCREAMING children on the beach; my eyes can be my ears.

    I just think it'd be great to sitting out there, bobbing up and down by yourself and only hear your tunes, get barreled listening to Judas Priest of something haha.. get blazed