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Thread: spring!

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    Smile spring!

    anybody else ready for this spring season? warming air and better yet the water and we have already had a great few days of surf. Last Saturday long lines in VB.

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    the water is still cold but at least its not as bad coming out of the water. i dont want to jinx it but there looks like there will be a swell next week

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    yeah and sat morning is looking like it will offer some fun ones as least for south jersey

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    word....saturday mornin is lookin pretty good for the OC area too

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    for those of us who get cold easily, are we ready for 4/3's now?

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    i should think so, i sort of get cold easily and i was in for 3.5-4 hours on monday in a 4/3 with no hood. its a good suit i think though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty View Post
    for those of us who get cold easily, are we ready for 4/3's now?
    Been in a 4/3 for 3 weeks now...

    Still have the hood and all the other gear on though.

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    I am really enjoying the rise in temperature. Been too hot the last couple times out. 5/4/3

    I really want to get a good 3/2 for late april, may, june, oct, and nov

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    as far as 3/2's i really like my ripcurl fireskin..not that expensive and super warm suit..taped seams and all.. probably gonna being jumping back into it within the next couple weeks or ready to start shedding some gear, thats fo sho

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    I agree austin. i only have a 5/4/3 and 2/3 and right now the water is inbetween for me, i wish i still fitted in my 4/3 that would of been perfect. but as far as good 3/2 suits go. i have the 1st verison of the billabong revolution and it was ok, it was super light and warm but the sealing wasnt that good, but now that billabong bought xcel there wetsuits will be a lot better, so check it out. but i hear that the oneill psycho 1 3/2 is a really good, flexible suit. it has the lightest/warmest ratio. about 300 bucks one friend is sponsored by hyperflex and loves their amp 3/2. thats only 200