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Thread: spring!

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    i am very jealous of all you guys, in ns the water is still at 0 degrees celsius. drylock is a must

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    as far as 3/2's i really like my ripcurl fireskin..not that expensive and super warm suit..taped seams and all.. probably gonna being jumping back into it within the next couple weeks or ready to start shedding some gear, thats fo sho
    you can get back in now, i have no cold tolerance and ive been out in a 3/2 for the past two weeks, i last about a hour and half before i start to shiver uncontrolably

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    Best thing for the NJ area for me is just having a 3/2 and a 5/4. No need for a 4/3 around here. I made a mistake on getting one a few years ago so it does come in handy but if I was broke or could redo things I would deff go with just a really good 3/2 and a decent 5/4.