so i was bored of writing an essay and decided to write a poem.. its topic.. you guessed it..surfing.. give me your thoughts, good and bad.


Sitting patiently, gazing eyes peeled
I scan the horizon, I listen, I feel
Then out in the distance, faint lines appear
The offshore wind blows them, creating millions of small tears
Kicking figure 8ís I spin my board around,
I lay down and without a sound, paddle and frown.
For i have missed the wave, it has gone unridden
I was too late, too afraid, unwilling
Here comes another, i paddle harder this time
I feel its power beneath me, everything is fine
I plant my hands then plant my feet,
I stand up, lean foward, cruising down the steeps
The deeper i drop, the more free i feel
As if every negative thing has gone away, like an invisible shield
i am one with mother nature, experiencing her first hand.
This world is amazing, both sea and land.
As the wave finishes I paddle back,
i love the sea, i love this sport, now lets hope for a shack.