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    yes, I am a newbie

    Hello all, just figured I would jump right in and post. Definitely a beginner in VB/OBX area, but understand what that means and am not here to ask folks where the best spots are and etc..

    went out a few times two summers ago with some friends to 1st st and croatan, and enjoyed myself enough to buy my own board at the end of the summer (since I had to return a friend's). Ending up getting a ~7.2 fun fish which was similar to what I had been using on loan. Also tried in Duck and Pea Island a few times that summer while in those areas (but conditions were always a bit rough)

    Unfortunately I was unable to make it down to the beach more than a couple times this past summer, so have regressed more than anything, but am looking forward to putting in a lot more time this year since I simply love being in the water in any way shape or form.

    So if you see me off to the side taking dives off the front of the board/wave, just laugh at me and let me know if I am close to killing myself or anyone else. Hopefully by end of summer I will at least semi- know what I am doing.

    Looking forward to warmer weather and warmer waters!!

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    Welcome to the swellinfo community. Good to not ask where the best spots are - thats got to be the number 1 worst first post

    We pretty much talk about anything here... so let loose on whats on your mind.