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    Gaining speed backside(short board)

    whats the best way to gain speed backside?.. and any tips on bottom turns would be appreciated as well

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    i mean like pump or what? i just always seem to get to low or kick out whenever i try to pump

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    this is going to be hard to explain. but i had the same problem but figured it out. i know i lost all of my speed when i stood up going backside, so i started taking a more horizontal approach then i stood up which helped my speed in the beginning. i then go to the bottom of the wave, and if i see a section i want to hit down the line, i bring my whole body to the top of the wave then push down to the bottom untill i get the speed i want. ( i do it differently then going front side, and i probably sound stupid trying to explain this). for my bottom turn going back side i tend to go more vertical, but its important to not want to long to do your hit or you get off the wave. when on the wave from the bottom, put all pressure on your back foot and turn the hips,show some steez, fully rotate, and *turn your inside shoulder and open up to the wave*. i tried. hopefully you get something from me rambling on.

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    thanks that helped a little bit.. im pretty good frontside .. i think that bit about opening up to the wave will help

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    Just practice the same stuff you do frontside. Its the same idea. Us telling you how to do it won't help at all. Only way to get better is with practice.

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    yea i know.. just need more waves to be able to..

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    i got this from surfline trick tips, take just another second when you are about to take a bottom turn, it gives you more speed and more time to think about what is going to happen next. surfline trick tips on how to generate speed with mick and and more trick tips anout bottom turns

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    I can only surf backside cause all i ever surf is rights. You have to learn to Pump backside and have a good bottom turn. You need a good bottom to produce.

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    I've found that for most conditions around our area, a bottom turn is a speed killer so I would avoid them unless it's big. most guys do what they see in vids and whatnot and try to emulate that but our waves are so much smaller.