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    Hey, I had the same issue last year.

    WD40 works great. (or cooking oil) anything that makes it slick, will stop the stick. I would be really cautious using nail polish remover on fiberglass... Im not a chemist but that doesn't sound like a good mix to me.

    But yea try some Dubya-Dee. I use this on a whole bunch of surfaces and its always worked... Just saturate the area, and rub it down.. The goo will start to glob up in little balls and will just rub right off. Keep applying the WD as you go so it gets in and under all the gooey areas... When you're done, clean the area with some soap/water and you're good to go.
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    pure acetone, gets used on every single poly board produced, don't go over board just rub it on a towel and work the gunk off

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    just use some gasoline and a rag

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjcliff View Post
    But yea try some Dubya-Dee.
    I keep a can with me for use on anything. Great to shine stuff up or clean the little stickers off of jewel cases or records or clean anything with some grimy gooey gunk on it. Dubya-Deez! hahaa

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    Not the least expensive but it works.

    put a little lighter fluid, wd-40, or 100 proof alchohol on it. Use a lighter to start burning off the gunk. When the board is gone go to the shop and buy a new one. Apply pad to new board and there you go. Easy as 1,1,1,2,5,10.

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    Just pee on it after rubbing it with sandpaper and nail polish remover for 20 minutes.

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    always keep a moist towel next to the bed

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    dont get any of the goo on u and it wont be an issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by atmcracer View Post
    dont get any of the goo on u and it wont be an issue
    the goo is from the old track pad...