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    Mutant 3/2 question...

    Hi everyone,

    Im new to the site but so far i like it alot, the question i have is..I surf in NJ and I need a new 3/2..if i got a mutant would that be able to get me from mid may to around the end of october (boots gloves if/when needed) or am i wrong..thanx alot everyone.

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    you will most likely be cold through the end of May but you should be fine in October. Depending on how much you can tolerate cold water (i get cold fairly easy) should be ok around Memorial Day

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    It will get you thru Oct and probably into early Nov. I'm fine in a 3/2 right now with boots, gloves, and hood. Personally, I'd rather be a little cold than wear the extra rubber.

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    3/2 Through October

    I think you'll be fine through Nov.

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    i live in NJ as well and am looking to sell a 4/3 O'Neill Mutant suit if you're looking to surf right now and through mid-winter+

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    im in NJ as well i have a 3/2 with boots and a hood and i'm fine.... i usually go in the start of april and stay in till end of october

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    thanks for the replies everyone, will deff take all that into consideration with my budget.