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Thread: Intro duct

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    Intro duct

    Been using SI for a couple months now and figured it was time to put up a post, but wanted to start with a proper intro. I've seen on a couple threads that there are a few questions that need answering, so I'll get to those as well. I grew up in MD and frequented Assateague, OC, Bethany, Rehoboth, OB, etc. Been in Fl now for about 14 yrs and I've come to much prefer the warm, clear waters of NW Fl. We do get surf here, summer usually sucks +tourists, fall and spring are good, winter is better. Because of the type of waves here, I stick to the big boards, but take out the Rick B fish every now and then. Anything that I can catch a ride on, I don't really care if its kook, just as long as I'm in the water. I'm not great at riding waves, or swimming so I sometimes wear floaties if it gets over 4'. Never had my stuff thrown in the water, the old lady can cook (I'm going to pass on putting a pic of her for some or all of you to "use"), I have a 3/2 dust collector for late Jan, early Feb. Wish I could figure out how to attach a pic of the dog, so maybe later
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    Proper hello! Even posted a pic of his biotch!

    Welcome to the club you dirty Mother F'er

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    That's how it's done! Welcomme!

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    Welcome. Did surf this week? It has been a big mess with a hint of red tide.

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    Put Panhandler in the SI tutorial section for how to do the properr intro.

    So, how is the surf in Jax & Georgia? Is there surf in Georgia? Or does Georgia have only waynetheinsaaaaane cruising with the theme from Deliverance blasting from his windowless white van of duct tape & doom.
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    I did actually, Sun was the best conditions of the week in Destin. Mon was big and choppy, so I decided to give it a shot. I tried to keep count of duck dives paddling to the sand bar but list track after 26. Found myself in the right spot and dropped in. 4 seconds later, I dropped back onto my belly and rode the white to the shore. Wasn't until in got out that I really felt the molten burn in my eyes and my entire mouth felt like a cats tongue liking a popcorn fart. The wife made a good point, if it kills the fish, it's probably not good for you

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    They sure do crashe & burne early these dayz.

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    Haven't seen any vans fitting that description. And should've have known better then to not post a pic along with the last.
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    Dear Mr PHanderler,

    Welcome to the forum old chap! You did well with the proper intro thread instead of trying to fight your way in (like bradpitted, among others) now you will be generally excepted by the others.

    Just a note- most times people actually don't like to talk about surfing for some strange reason- if you can hang with that your do well.

    Don't forget your towel!

    Your pal,
    Mr Belmar

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    Welcomme and top o' the marnin to ya. Nice herro thread.

    What's your sand reconne technique?