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    What have you sacrificed in order to surf?

    Okay so we all know surfing is like cigarettes, we need a constant fix.
    What have you sacraficed in order to ride waves?

    This should be interesting.

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    My girlfriend...

    and occasionally some goats and chickens

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    Probably more things than I can remember... but class occasionally, job a few times, and the gf def a couple times.

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    good topic..

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    Jun 2008
    Central, NJ
    My current girlfriend.

    When I first met her... I made plans to take her to AC for a night and it would of been the second time we hung out..but that day I had to tell her the waves were gonna be good on Sunday and wasn't going to go out.. October 26, 2008 if any of you remember..haha.

    I figured it was all over after that and didn't even bother to contact her but she ended up texting me on Monday and says, "How was the waves? Hope they were worth ditching me over?" My response went something like, "Yeah, they were. They were really ****ing good actually." Now I've been with her for 3 months. short story.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    this past october and november ditched my gf to surf most of my weekends and she was pissed but we still went out for about a 2 months until december 1st when we decided to give up our relationship since she was busy with dance and what not and i was busy traveling and surfing over weekends when we were home together. but she would sit out on the beach and watch.

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    aha about three weeks ago i had just arrived at my girlfriends place to chill with her cause she was going to domincan for a week and i get a call, "wanna go surfing". She let me go without hesitation, saying see you in a week! as i walked out aha. guess i have it pretty good lol

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    well, my girlfriend surfs with me, so i have it good

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    Countless hours driving to and from the Outer Banks....

    Seriously though, I sacrifice not surfing in order to get an education, and that sucks!!!!

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    I probably sacrifice sleep more than anything. I'm always up for a dawn patrol whether it's good or not, and usually my sessions are really long (anywhere from 4-8 hrs depending on season and conditions) so I'm always tired but I just get up for dp the next morning anyway, so i'm never fully rested.

    As stated above, I also sacrifice surfing in order to give myself a fighting chance to get into a good college like UCSD where average GPA is 4.09 unweighted. Takes a lot of work and time so I have to give up something, but i wish it wasnt surfing.