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    Actual/historical daily surf report data vs. forecast data

    Just wondering....I usually don't see historical daily logs of what the actual surf reports were logged in at a given location, only future projections (or current day and then they are zapped off the forecast). Does anyone else ever wonder after a session, what the actual conditions were logged in for the day you just experienced at a surf spot vs. a web-forecast projection that you may have last glanced at 12-24 hrs. before your session to see how accurate it was?

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    yeah, i usually check one of the nearshore buoys after a session. This one is right off the beach in Ocean City and gives swell direction as well as height and period. Since its just a couple thousand feet offshore, i guess its as close as you can get to actually surf conditions. The data is archived back to 1993 (but lots of gaps in the data).

    This one is off Bethany Beach

    remember..wave heights are in meters so if your like me and can only think in terms of feet multiply by 3.3.
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