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    Do I need a hood?

    surf tommrow in long island, i have a really good drylock xcel 4/3 btu has no hood, i know boots and gloves are deffinitly gonna happen but im lookng for some opinions on if i should wear a hood or not?

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    nah i haven't been wearing one in jersey for over a month. gets a little chilly if you have to duck dive a couple times in a row but besides that its fine

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    agreed, should be doable without the hood. depends on your tolerance for ice cream headaches - after duckdiving a couple in a row may get a bit cold, but again should be a go even without the hood
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    hey, where you goin out at? I was trying to def. make it out tomorow morning/afternoon before work or sunday...I don't know many people who surf here, so i'd definitly like to paddle out with someone...haha havnt been out yet this year...

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    well i acculy went out on friday and i didnt have a hood or gloves and i had a 3/2 and i lasted about like 1 and a half then i got gloves ....i surfed at manasquan

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    Im looking to surf in lido beach, in long beach, Long Island. I have A 3/2 without any bootys or gloves or a hood... How long should I wait to go, because forecasts say 53 degree water

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    Take the hood. Better to have it and NOT need it then realize your getting head freeze.