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    Surf Photography

    Ok, I don't know much about surf photagraphy and all I have is a waterproof digital camera (Olympus) only 3x zoom but I have been interested for a while in surf photography.

    My question is where do you sit in the lineup when shooting so as not to get in the way of any of the surfers? I don't want to get in anyone's way but I still want to get a close enough shot based on my limited zoom ability on my camera.

    Obviously I will not be photographing any 8 ft. barrells any time soon but I am still curious for the day that I am able to get in the water with my camera on a sizeable day.

    I guess my only other problem is that when I have the chance to take my camera out, I take my board out instead.

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    Best bet if you're surfing with friends get right in there for the action ,I'm sure they wouldn't mind running you over i know mine actually enjoy it.

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    try to stay away from zoom, just let the surfers know that you are photographing not to worry about hitting you, and just duck under water when they are about to hit you

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    sick advice guys you all must be regular jeff flindts in the water wit ur cameras

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    Forget the zoom. Unless you have a quality zoom lens just makes it blurry cause the digital zoom just pixelates it to make it larger. Sit far enough inside so they'll be standing before you start shooting, or as you are. then as they pass by just make sure you duck the wave so you don't get hit by them or get skegged. Its easy to get outta the way.