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    Sunova Demo Days

    Greenlight Surf Supply is proud to embassador Sunova Surfboards to USA's East Coast.

    Sign up here to demo a Sunova Longboard at your local break this summer:

    Greenlight is offering a $50 rebate for Sunova Longboards purchased now through June 30th

    9'2" Pro Longboard

    9'6" 'Hangman' Noserider

    About Sunova:
    Designed by Bert Burger (Shaper of the Year 2007 and innovator of Firewire technology) Sunova Surfboards are touted as the 'Ferraris' of surf for their high tech / high performance construction and elegant full balsa wood skins.

    Sunova's unique vacuum bagged epoxy construction, coupled with long grain balsa parabolic rails and strategic timber arrangements are the keys Sunova's dynamic flex and spring.

    The right flex and spring return in a surfboard creates projection out of turns, drive, and more speed when you need to make that section or throw more spray.

    Sunova Surfboards have certainly perfected the flex in each model they offer.

    Bert Burger has intelligently designed a line of standard models to suit a wide variety of waves and surfing styles - coupled with Sunova's unique composite construction to take your surfing to a higher level.

    Custom shapes also available. Contact for info.
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    Only 2 more sign ups needed for a Demo in Ocean City, MD area.....

    Who's on it?


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    Finalizing a date for Sunova Demos in OC, MD.

    Two more signups needed to kick off a demo day in OC, NJ.

    Sign up here: