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    Ponce Inlet Surf Report is now posting Ponce Inlet, Florida Surf Reports on

    check it out:

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    Alot of dudes at the Inlet arent to happy about this. Im all for it though! Its already a dam zooooo. I thought about doing an NSB inlet report simaler to this but dont have a good camera etc...check out and if you have a camera you should do the same as this guy at the Inlet...$$$

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    ive been surfing ponce the last couple of days and posted some pix here. Fun spot and cool vibes in the water


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    those pics you have mitchel are of new smyrna inlet. though it is ponce inlet, the south side is known as new smyrna an the north side is known as ponce

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    by the way is looks super fun and i have been sitting on my ass the past few days when i could have been surfing

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    NSB and Ponce I believe are the # 1 breaks in all of Florida ....Along side Spanish house & Sebastian...

    & Of course BETHUNE WALL BABA!

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    they are the most consistent for sure. but there are many other places that are WAY better when all the elements come together just right.