...of the world as we know it! Well not quite, but the great beach breaks from south bethany straight on through 5th street are about to go to crap. It has taken years to wash the sand away that has has exposed the groins and given some great waves over the past couple of years. but all good things must end and in september, the core is going to dredge one of the biggest beach replenishments ever done in the states right here delaware. but check this out. middlesex refused to dredge, soooo, i don't know if they are going to leave a cove there or what, but it could get an interesting wave there if they just leave middlesex out...think about it??? and if I recall correctly, last time they dredged in b-town, north oc reaped the benefits and gladly excepted all the sand as it started washing down towards fenwick. and, rehoboth and has started coming back to life from their recent replenishment. good on ya mate! yin-yan bad and good, waves and no waves!