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Thread: Workout Routine

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    house is outside rehoboth, DE (millsboro). unfortunately i can only make it there in august
    Quote Originally Posted by Shakagrom View Post
    or you could just do rows in your local gym... save some $

    actually rows are a completely different motion than what you get while using a vasa trainer...the vasa trainer is more of a straight arm pulldown. you dont bend at the elbow to bring your weight up the machine, you keep your elbows high within the motion and pull through the hip...if you went to a gym and did a straight arm pulldown it would better simulate the motion of paddling then rowing would. rowing actually doesnt simulate a good paddling/swimming motion at all....

    when swimming you want to keep a high elbow position to maximize strength when pulling through your catch. you dont want to be bending your elbow and basically tricep pressing the water past your hip. keeping a high elbow throughout the stroke gives you a MUCH more powerful pull. focus on keeping a higher elbow thorugh the pull. that's the best explanation i can give through writing. this should help with paddling

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