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    Question Help finding calmer waters for endurance (n00b help)

    I just started surfing 3 days ago and I'll apologize ahead of time if I'm asking anything that makes you guys roll your eyes

    Saturday I was at San Onofre and I was out for about 5 hours with a long board and had a really good first time experience, caught a few waves and thought my endurance was pretty good. Tweaked my knee and ankle on the rocks so I skipped going out Sunday.
    Today (tuesday) I went out to El Porto with a shortboard which I also have and completely different story. I was done after an hour. The waters were pretty rough and beat me up pretty good, caught 0 waves.

    So to the question; where would you guys recommend I go for calmer waters in the LA/long beach area that don't have a lot of people for me to get in the way of where I can just paddle/balance and build up my muscles endurance?

    I know some of you are are already thinking I shouldn't have been on a shortboard so soon off but I wanted to see myself where I stand and where I need to improve from the start and that's the goal I'm working towards.

    thanks for checking my post,


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    i don't see why you need calmer water to build up your endurance... but i think you're looking for uncrowded line-ups. to build endurance try taking your longboard out and paddling around the ocean like you would on a boat... just go cruise the coastline on the way outside or something. or if you're looking for more rides just take your shortboard out and stay on the way inside... these are 2 places it'll be less crowded and you can practice.

    as for actual spots... i don't want to get into specifics. part of being a surfer is coastline knowledge and what conditions make different spots turn on or off. both LA and orange county is full of long expanses of beachbreaks where you can find a decent wave to share amongst only a few people

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    you are absolutely right, calm water is not as much of a concern for me as being courteous to the veteran surfers. I don't want to be in anyone's way and I don't want anyone to have to change what they are doing because I am out there more than anything, and I don't mean to imply that people aren't cool with beginners because I met a lot of very supportive folks at San Onofre. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.


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    Go anywhere you want! Just know your surrondings. To build endurance, start going to the gym and work out. Use the exercise ball, start working on your balance, your core, your lower back, your hips, and legs. Skateboard more! All this will help, trust me! I do it and your surfing ability will go way up. If you want to spend the money buy a indo board, or do it cheaper by just going to Home Depot and build your own indo board for less then 20 bucks.

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    Thanks for the tips, I'll check that option out. I think I was overly concerned because my first day out on the shortboard made me feel really worn down and made me think that my muscles used for swimming/surfing were just not up to the task. The last two days I have just gone out and gone for broke and I feel a lot better about everything now. I am starting to think I may have been under the weather before because now I'm out at the break catching a few waves, now the problem is trying to stay on them.

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