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I don't surf in the winter so i only surf from mid may to mid nov (3/2 w/ boots & golves). i live a hour from the beach and i have a real job so i cannot surf during the week (unless i take a vacation day, etc.). As a result, I am mostly limited to the weekends and most of the weekends the waves aren't worth surfing (less than 3 feet).

There are a TON of East Coast surfers like myself so that is why i say "average" # of days. I would love to surf this weekend too but not sure if there will be decent waves...
so surf in the winter and make the drive for this weekend too!! more water time is better than less water time even if it's flat. at least you see some of your friends and you get your hair wet... which is wayyyyyy better than sitting in front of your computer on swellinfo. (no hard feelings swellinfo)