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    Stand Up Crack Down

    I live up town in ocmd and standup body board a lot during the day..... I've become some what friendly with the lifeguard on my beach and I've never been hasseled about doing stand up. I also like to ride out and flip off the shorebreak waves when its too dumpy to ride. But today the lifeguards gave me a bunch of sh*t about how im not aloud to do any more stand up because its considered "skimboarding" or some bullsh*t like that. Theres this kid from bethany who rolls up to my street sometimes and today I saw him getting arrested because of refusing to stop doing standup and launching off waves. From what I hear he ran his mouth off to all the guards and crew chief or something so the call the police on him. Pretty much this kid ruined it for me because I live at this spot but even still can standup really be banned during the days? I mean what the hell else are we supposed to do all day when we cant be surfing. I was just wondering if anyone knows exactly why stand up would be agaisnt "policy" or if anyone else has gotten sh*t for it
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