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Thread: Haegue Boards

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    Haegue Boards

    Whats the word on these beasts. I seen a lots of pleople at the navel jety riding them and i want to know what the main opinons is on them. Please chime in with some pics and info. Also do you know if he is going to make some SUPs? tanks much

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    Dude SUP's suck!! Mine as well try to surf the wave with a 12 foot john boat if you are going to be that lazy!

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    He makes very good very solidly glasses boards the 6'0 a buddy is riding is a tank hats of to mike

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    Dude idk if you wanna get one of these shred sleds. As the bro just advised they are tanks. I don't think i would want my 6'0 to be referred to as a tank. For the same price you can get a board shaped by someone who has been doing 10,000 boards and knows that a 6'0
    should never be referred to as a tank.