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    Quicksilver Wetsuits

    "Unrestricted Flexibility/Unparalleled Warmth/Unbelieveable Lightness"

    This is the new add for the Quicksilver Cypher suit. Surf avertising is becoming like razors or shampoo. Seriously? this suit has infinite flexibility? There is no suit warmer? and i will not be able to mentally comprehend how little it weighs?

    I dont own one, and i don't really ever plan on owning a quicksilver suit but i have tried them on on multiple occasions and they feel stiff and i would not trust those seams and seals in even a maryland winter(which i know there are worse out there).

    Does anyone own these suits or feel similarly? i will admit to feeling a bit disapointed upon flipping to the back cover of SURFER this month. IF your a b list wetsuit that...and dont just expand into the market just to get your piece of the cake b/c you can slap kelly in an ad

    Just a thought

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    how much will a 5/4 run?

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    I had some of the early cell suits and while they didn't stay together very long. They were insanely flexible. Rip curl, a supposed a-list company, has really gone downhill with quality in the last few years so I switched to west which has been good so far. Xcel os still top dog imo tho.

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    I have a Q-Cell Spring that I really like.

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    The quicksilver cell series of wetsuits had been the best on the market in my opinion for the past 5 years. Every years model has been an upgrade. They really are the most comfortable, warmest (by far) and most felxible, DURABLE suits on the market. Hands down. I have been purchasing wetsuits through my friend in the industry out here for years. I tried the Ricurl F and e bombs. They were trash. Had to send them back in after a few months. They all have bad seems. Some of the older ripcurls are ok, but they outran their technology. I have tried west wetsuits, bodyglove wetsuits....

    And they all lead me back to quicksilver. I am actually so happy with the model that they came out with 2 years ago, that after every winter, I send it back to quicksilver to get the Back (zipper area) repaired. I just send it in to get re-sealed, and they send me a brand new cell wetsuit free of charge. EVERY YEAR. same thing.

    The only issue with the quicksilver wetsuits, is that since I wear the same suit, everyday for 2 hours a day, and I mean everyday all winter. There is this rubber panel on the back, and from taking it on and off, there are these little lines that cut vertically into the rubber and some water will start leaking in. It has a good back setup so that water doesnt really seep in, but still, its enough to send it back.... But like I said, all you have to do after each winter is bring it back to your local surfshop, they send it to quickie, and they either reseal any problem areas or send you a fresh one.

    Quicksilver is worth the money. I dont use free wetsuits because quickies are so much better. worth every penny.

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    On a budget

    Does anyone know who has really cheap - or cheaper, wetties in ocean city md?

    I almost have my license and I plan to spend all my free weekends surfing this winter... I just need to find a really cheap 5/4 with a hood and booties.