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    Surfboard Shaping Class

    Surfboard Shaping Class

    Brookdale Community College, New Jersey

    Hands-on course will cover the basic principles of physics and materials science applied to surfboard design, construction and performance. Students will participate / collaborate in all phases of the design and construction of a single surfboard using both traditional and modern tools, techniques and materials.

    Class lottery will determine he winner of this new, custom surfboard. Topics:

    Shaping ~ foam and blank selection, planshape, rocker, foil, rail profiles, bottom contours;

    Glassing ~ materials selection, lamination, artwork, hotcoating, fin placement and installation.

    Enrollment is limited.

    Mon-Thurs, Aug 24-Aug 27, 6:30-9:30 pm

    Fee and Code: $199, X REC R 035 B

    Downloadable registration form here

  2. Damn man, you should try to get somethin like this goin on in the baltimore/annapolis/dc area. I would be down and I'm sure alotta other dudes would be too. been looking for some formal classes like this for a little while

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    i wish i knew about this sooner, I can't make this one but if there's another one can you tell us now or at least a month in advance? i definitely wanna take this course

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    dont wanna encrouch on you trying to get some customers but if anyones looking for a more informal laid back intro to shaping theres one in ocean, NJ. not really sure of the name though but registration is around the same and everyone walks out with their own board that they shape and gloss themselves

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    Hey LVI<E,

    New customers are cool but I'm only spreading the word on the Brookdale shaping class because the guy running it asked me to. I took the class a while ago, after shaping my own boards for 5 years, and still learned a ton from Earl, the instructor. You'd be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and chill guy than him. He's been shaping for 25-30 years and a high school physics teacher so he knows how to convey and demonstrate everything you need to know to shape and glass. The class is excellent.
    Find out what the shaping class in Ocean is and post it. I'm sure you'll turn a few guys onto that class. After all, everyone should shape at least one board to fully appreciate the craft of surfboard building. It's the core of the surfing lifestyle.