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    why is it that a short or medium period is better than a long period? I always though the long period was better
    long period is great if you have the breaks that can handle it.

    Oc has trouble with 12-14 second period gonna have no chance with 18-20 period.

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    that was the point some of us were trying to make, it is not so much that the swell size was to much, it is the swell period that will ruin the whole scene. I kind of wished that it would push to the right of Bermuda now,...normally we would want it to ride that alley between the coast and Bermuda. But with the intensity and length of time that beast is pushing swell at us, it is starting to look like only three spots are going to work and two of those are in Delaware. I wish a forth spot would work in OC, and it may for a limited amount of time, But I am really not counting on it.

    you know, under the right conditions, DOH need not be that scary, at least not how it is being spoke of, but we just do not have spots to handle it,...if it is that close to us.

    What we need now is for Bill to run to just south of Bermuda that take a good turn to the right/NE.

    Either way, I will try to find something somewhere to paddle out into. However, DOH closeouts are not my idea of fun. Under those conditions I will take a pass.

    For all that smack talk about that kook spot to the far north of us, if that spot ever had a moment this might be it.

    Just keep in mind what Micah said on the video update, be careful and know what the hell you might be going out into. No need to be a hero,...

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    forgot to mention that we have had some very good swells that were in the 10 to 12 second period and the waves were GREAT. Anything over that is a crap shoot, that is why we could only hope for it to take a turn NE around Friday, between the shelf off our coastline here locally and a good turn at the right time, who know what might happen. Far enough away, 14 to 16 or more seconds would work very well I can imagine, and be safe for many more persons as well

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    anything over waist im stoked....its ma birthday...thank you mother nature

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    im excited! i have been out in DOH in puerto rico at wilderness...needless to say it was fun as hell yeah i got worked on a few but know your limits and it will be fine just know where to go this weekend and it will be fine and no i usually surf at sunspree i can already tell you i will not be going there except for friday sunday saturday i will be at a deepwater spot near figure 8

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    most of you clowns will be watching me shred while you are safe on the sand

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    what's wrong with you people that trash everyone else? when did surfing become all about egos and insults? dude, just get out there and have fun.
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