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    New to the forums!

    Hey everyone i just wanted to say hi. Im 20 years old i live in boston. I have been surfing for three years now mostly the Wall at North Beach (use to live in NH). I surf a bit in Gloucester and Newport, RI. Just saying hey to everyone! If anyone is intrested in a meet up and surff let me know. I ride a 7'2" MacFish its nice it works for a first board. I'm not an amazing surfing but im not a beginner either. Just drop a msg.

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    I'm new to the site and forums too! Whatup!?
    Glad to hear you make it to RI.

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    of course i do i love RI great surf. Hopefully will be moving down there for when i graduate

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    hah I'm new to the forums as well. I've been surfing in Montauk for one year. I'm pretty decent on longboards and ok on most hybrids. I can't surf for my life on little shortboards. =D
    I just started a group on facebook, "Surfing Ditch Plains." It only has a couple of members because nobody knows about it yet. Feel free to check it out and join up.
    So RI is really good? I've heard Jersey has amazing surf. Some day I want to drive up and down the entire east coast to surf the local breaks (ok, I'm just dreaming right now, I'm not actually planning to).
    Aightt have a good one!

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    haha that would be tight. Yeah im about the same right now im riding a 7'2" mac fish, but idk im leaning to go shorter over the next year but idk yet i think i wanna develop my skill level a lot more on the macfish before i make the leap.

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    o niiice. I hear ya... I've been using an 8 ft. longboard most of the summer. I just switched to a 7'6" hybrid. It's really thin and pointy like a shortboard, and it has a lot of rocker so it makes some sickkk turns. I haven't had much luck trying to duckdive with it yet, but I'm not giving up.