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    had to work tonight hence the reason I didnt surf'

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmycraxcorn View Post
    The crowd will be thin in Rodanthe if its triple overhead + on Saturday. OBX will be head high and clean all day Sunday, so I shall supply some photos of me showing you clowns what properly shredding head high waves looks like. I hope everyone will post their best pics from the weekend as well.... please no layer downers.... stander uppers only....

    Good luck crumbs....

    you'll be watching me shred while your sitting on the sand!
    Anyone with half a brain and a little local knowledge would know that Rodanthe is gonna be MAXED OUT. Not only will the huge size not hold, but when you add in the super long period of this swell, forget about it. Your gonna have to think outside of the box on this one, Rodanthe is the go to place for a head high swell, but once it gets to be above 8-10 feet it shuts down, no questions asked.

    P.S. Ill be scoring epic kirra like barrels at a secret point break tommorow, and surfing secluded island beach breaks on sunday, and I'm gonna be in VA the whole time!!!! Use your head, when a swell like this comes alot of rare and epic waves start to break

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    well I wish I could do the same, I had already thought that out... about a week ago,...but I do not have access to a boat or captain that I feel safe with to go at those spots. Got to have a boat or it is never going to happen. If you do make it across and over, Please take some pics and video minus the locations.