I arrived in Rodanthe around noon today. 12 had washed over in 2 spots at the high tide around 9:00, but it was easily passable by the time we got there. One of the spots that washed over was at S-Turns. The house we rented is about 8/10 of a mile south of S-Turns. As soon as we parked, we walked up to see what was going on. I'm telling you, this is one massive, angry swell. I could see waves feathering over a mile out. There were two tow crews right out from the end of our street. I saw a couple rides, the first one was a legitimate 20' face, if not more. The guy did a big long bottom turn and when straight back up the face for a snap right at the top. That move on a overhead wave would have drawn applause, but to pull that on something that size made my nuts rise up into my throat. Unreal.

We walked up to S-Turns and there was nobody out. It just couldn't hold the swell. I'll plan to walk up there tomorrow morning when it should be off the hook. I'll post pictures up tomorrow.