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    Little help please

    I have a friend that has an old board he was trying to find out the make, model and year of. It is 9.5 in length, single skeg\. It has a Gordon and Smith logo on it. He wants to make it into a table and he is going to cut it in half ; .....or should he save it.


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    I went to the web site and they said that the logo came out in 61' so it has to be at most 47 years old ( not positive i did mental math)... I'd referb it and keep it as an art peice. ( I referb/retire old boards so im a little biased). Its an antique, please dont saw it in half you can put hinges at various points and make a folding table!!!

    here is the website

    and here is some deja vu

    I hope it helps...


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    Hmmmmmm. . .

    Looks like an ideal sacrifice to bring on the next swell, and Assateague allows beachfront fires below the high tide line.