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    WB IS ALWAYS more crowded for sure-at least in a few spots. There are uncrowded spots though when there are waves. There are spots in CB that you have free parking, less people, and yes, the waves do seem to have more power. I think that stems from it being deeper quicker past the sandbars in CB. It's not as deep in WB so it weakens the waves a bit. We all get our share of fun waves. So many people complain day in and day out. Here is the thing though. Yeah, it could be more consistent, but our area is pretty sick as a whole. We have to make the best of what we have. We live in a great spot for the east coast. We have so many different breaks within hours-many of them world class if you know where to go. If someone doesn't like it, hit the road....and take the hemp choker necklace with you....

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    WB does get a lot of kooks and breaks are never that good. check out the southern tip of masanboro island (sp?) there is no road to it, so its a geat place to surf and camp out.

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    on saturday, i surfed CB from 7am to 1pm and it started getting choppy then, but until 1 every wave i saw had a barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan View Post
    Aside all of the kook related issues... I've been wondering this for a long time...the sandbars dont compare to the islands south and even to form ive seen in topsail and lee island. what's the deal? is it the beach reclamation?
    Most comments here are correct. When I started surfing in the late 70s WB had the best break around for that time, excluding OBX. I grew up surfing TI generally and a trip to Johnny Mercers Pier Normally produced an excellent session! Breaks I surfed then dont break now and breaks I surf now wont break in 20 yrs. You really do have to pick through the nook and crannies for a break you like as they are always changing.

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    this was a recent private message from wik-

    "If you want people going to Topsail or Lee I. to surf then keep posting how good it is."

    Both these places need a se swell with a nw wind and preferably a low or low-incoming tide. There ya go kiddies! Enjoy!

    Oops.... sorry wik, it slipped
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    Finally the real dish on Topsail. Got it everyone, low tide, SE swell. The place will go off and we've all been invited by the radical "narshredda" to share in the abundant Topsail feast. Thanks for the info "narshredda". We'll all see you soon hopefully!

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    finally wik has seen the light. COWABUNGA DUUUUUUUUDE!!!!

    Don't forget the g in gnar is silent. Didn't you ever learn phonics? Anyway, sorry to drop the bomb about the super secret hush hush break of topsail. Like I said it just slipped. Evidently you rip, so why are you worried about crowds? I will say this though, if some kook drops in on you just pull a sterling spencer and land a frontside air on his back. You can do those right??
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    hah, when the bill swell started funneling in on that wednesday or thursday, i was just south of mercer's and i planted off of a tourist that was body surfing. what kinda move do you call that? did i just discover the future of a blood sport? im pretty sure that i can get sponsored just for doing that. i will get paid to travel, surf, and plant off of tourists that's my ticket outta here.