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    Shaping/Glassing ~ Help?

    Anyone know a site where you can learn how to build your own surfboard and buy all of the supplies from it?

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    Sep 2008

    info on boardbuilding

    Go to You'll learn everything you can learn without doing it yourself.

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    I don't know where you're located. When we shaped we were buying from Back when Clark Foam was still around we got blanks, glass, finboxes, etc. from them. They sell resin, surface agent, and MEKP there too, but hazmat charges are a bi+(h. They ship outta Washington State though, so its a haul. You can gget the chemicals needed from Mohoggany Company in May's Landing, NJ. I'm sure there are other places more conveinent, possibly cheaper as well, but I haven't been looking in a while.

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    Yeah they stillare...

    is THE place for resin, cloth, fins, fin boxes...on and on...

    yeah its shipping from out west but these guys are cool and cheap.

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    best site out

    here you go. everything you need. all together