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    Post Scion Jenks Pro Final Day Press Release

    The SCION Jenks Pro Presented by Ocean Current Day 4 (USBA Amateur, Womenís Pro)

    Sep 5, 2009

    The Body Glove USBA Tour

    Event: The SCION Jenkinsonís Beach Pro presented by Ocean Current Clothing

    Dates: September 1-9, 2009

    Sponsors: Bodyglove, 3rd Ave Surf Shop, Ocean Current Clothing,
    Marriot Courtyard Lincroft NJ, DNA Energy Drink, TRUNQ (storage

    The Final day of the 2009 SCION Jenks Pro was filled with action from
    the Amateur and Womenís divisions. John Mangini and Rob Mac from New
    Jersey where the clear standouts in the Open Am division. In the
    13-17 division it was James Joyce from North Carolina that was a huge
    head turner with clean stylish rolls and some in and out barrels.
    Hunter Fedden from California was on Jameís toes with smooth combos
    and end up in second place.

    Next up was the SCION invitee Air Show where Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii),
    Jason Bitzer (NJ), Jacob Romero(Hawaii),, Shea Silvia (Hawaii), and
    Matt Withaar (Australia) put on a display for the crowd. It was Jeff
    Hubbardís back flip to invert the earned him bragging rights to the
    Air Show division. The Womenís Final hit the water with the top two
    girls in the USA Roberta Bitzer and Luz Marie Grande Parez battling
    it out in a Women and Women 30 min final. Luz struck first with a big
    roll and Roberta answered with a Roll to spin. Both girls found a
    back up wave to gain there two scores but in the last 5 min Roberta
    was able to find a clean section that she rolled landed and went for a
    second roll scoring 8 points to take the lead and the win.
    The awards at The 2009 SCION Jenks Pro had an amazing show of support
    by the Jenks Beach Patrons and all walked away with a gift back from
    SCION and Ocean Current Clothing. The USBA Announced it's tour
    Champions at the Jenks Pro and we want to congradulate Jeff Hubbard
    Mens Pro Champ, Luz Grande Pares Women's Pro Champ and Drop Knee Pro
    Champ Brian Stroeh.

    Thanks so all our supporters of The 2009 Body Glove USBA Tour and the
    SCION Jenks Pro present by Ocean Current!

    USBA Staff

    Mens Pro

    1. Jeff Hubbard

    2. Matt Withaar

    3. Jacob Romero

    4. Armanado Molina

    Womens Pro

    1. Roberta Bitzer

    2. Luz Marie Grande Parez

    DK Pro

    1. Brain Stroeh

    2. Jeff Hubbard

    3. Jacob Romero

    4. Pedro Rosario

    Am Open

    1. John Mangini

    2. Rob Mac

    3. Dorin Buchanan

    4.Hunter Fedden

    13-17 Am

    1. James Joyce

    2. Hunter Fedden

    3. Billy Murphy

    4. Mike Mckeiver
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    Congrats to J-Hubb, he's killling it!

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    as he always does!

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    Wow awesome!

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    team challenge

    Don't forget about the team challenge that went down also.

    1st - Team Hawaii
    2nd - Team NJ
    3rd - Team CA
    4th - Team International

    edit* I may have 3rd and 4th mixed up...