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    it was a nice run

    do any of you guys remember a better run of swell than the past month or so?
    we had hurricanes, tropical waves, se ground swell, and even some fun days of wind slop.
    hope ya'll caught some cause it looks like its gonna be flat for a while.

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    take a trip to the outer banks. solid surf for the mid atlantic this week.

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    this isnt cali or j bay who the f**k cares about videos of people fuc**ng surfing in waves that we will never get and alot of us have never even seen. if you were both at PI then thats a good reason to continue this stupid bickering about waves we caught two weeks ago

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    its true that i did most of the "epic" surfing north of here but i caught local spots several times over the past 3 or 4 weeks in excellent condition. (ie waist to chest maybe bigger and fairly clean) i wasn't there for the bill letdown cause i went to cb but had possibly the best session of all with danny on the island. almost 4 straight weeks of decent to above average surf during the month of august definatly has me stoked.

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    i think i'm gonna have a 7"4 gun made for next august

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    best i can remember in SE NC for 3-4 years...definitely wanting some more though

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    Quote Originally Posted by pawley View Post
    i think i'm gonna have a 7"4 gun made for next august

    wtf does this have to do with anything. no one cares.

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    its called humor six, something needed to call one self a surfer in sc.

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    and if no one cared then why are we on page 2 of this thread?

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    i have heard so many dfferrent reports on the quality of surf during the ana, bill, danny run that its crazy. everything from completly flat to overhead and epic. i saw local spots working about as good as ever, but nothing like the stuff further north. what made this run so memorable was that i got to surf 5 to 6 days a week for 3 weeks straight using my entire quiver.
    btw. i want in on that PI cam