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Hey those are my Sandy Hook pics ! LBNJ Local, remember some of those breaks going right into the seawall in Seabright? Remember the Ship Ahoy Jetty? Great fishing although I never looked there on a swell. There were a ton of great spots with no parking so you had to park and walk to get to them. Lots of great spots with no beach, no beach goers and no crowds. I had a lot of people yell at me over the years because I parked in front of their house.

Those were the days! I was a member at Tradewinds Beach Club from when I was a year old till they tore it down.. Right in front of their nightclub was one of the best breaks I've ever surfed in NJ and thry ruined it by pumping sand. The name for the spot was "Little Hawaii" or "Little H." it was the breeding grounds for alot of surfers in our area that are now known to shred with the best of them. I can remember trying to sabatoge the Army Corps equipment on the beach when I was a "young buck." Obviously, it didn't work to well....