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    Tuflite Boards are TANKS

    Yesterday I made the stupid mistake of leaving my 6'3" Al Merrick on the roof of my truck without tying it down. I then drove from manasquan through Brielle to Wall. I noticed my board was missing when I got home so I drove back down Brielle and noticed it on the side of the road. I thought it would be in two pieces after flying off my truck at 40 mph, but there was nothing more than a scratch on it. Like i said, these boards are tanks.

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    guess you won't think twice about taking off on that next brown barrel.

    and think how hard airline baggage handlers will have to work to find a way to mess up your next trip.

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    Brown Barrel

    If I was made of tuflite, I wouldn't mind goin into one, but my bones can still break, haha.