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Thread: Photogs

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    while i agree what you're saying about digital, film can be quite a bit cheaper at times.

    i managed to get my hands on an old canon a1 with 100-300 lens that someone was giving away. few bucks here and there for film and still get good results.

    2 shots from that setup. maybe i'll start pulling it out some more now that i see these again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaver View Post

    I saw a mention of film. Shooting film is great and you can learn a lot from doing that. Just go digital, you'll find the learning curve closer to what you want Do some research then find a DSLR kit on E-bay or craigslist. That is a relatively inexpensive way to begin to dabble in the world of photography.
    But watch out for scams. There are a ton of fake storefronts online that are offering incredible deals on kits. They take your order and then call you a few hours later trying to up-sell batteries, lenses, filters, etc. If you tell them 'no' you may never see your order. I recommend googling the shop before ordering.

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    thats true is a good resource for that

    also- is very reliable and fair. BGN equipment is often good, will still give you perfect picture quality just might have a scuff on the body. which doesn't really matter