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    Someone on this site visitted san diego a couple summers ago. I think it is "Mitchell" on this site. But anyway, I met up with him at blacks on a small day. It was like 2-3 feet. Nice day out. Nice big ol' bottle nose breached the water right in between us and was circling the line-up. Its always a good Omen to have the dolphins close by. I love those guys. They seriously play with humans. They are well aware of what we are...

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    I've had many instances with dolphins close by - riding waves jumping etc. they're awesome creatures

    I can't find the story right now but I remember in surfer magazine a number of years back an account of a dolphin jumping and landing on a surfer and breaking his back - if I remember the account correctly eyewitnesses said the dolphin seemed to come up to the surfer afterward almost apologetic as if he realized he had hurt him and was sorry.

    That is the only account I've read of a human being injured by a dolphin and it didn't sound intentional.

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    I use the dolphins for tow-ins at North End

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    I saw Dan Marino at an airport once.

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    It is mating season for dolphins right now off of jersey. they get very "friendly." Whether it be getting close to boats or people, they are very curious this time of year. They constantly rub up on each other too as some sort of mating ritual, which is probably what they were doing to your leg.

    i wouldn't even worry about being around them with babies in the water. i've been out where the mother will nudge the baby up to the surface to "show them off." very smart animals.

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    mahi mahi

    ahhh, grilled with onions, maters and a little lemon them up, yum!

    Burp! Sorry, excuse me.

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    At Naval Jetties, many years ago, I took off on a wave and a dolphin snaked me Actually, it leaped over me and then kept riding in front of me on the wave. That was a shocker. That pod was hanging way on the inside all around us that morning. A few weeks ago during the Bill swell he had a pod or two frolicking around us and sharing waves down at Assateague.

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    random: there was a dolphin surfing this evening right through the lineup, pretty awesome. ocean city, md

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodndtube View Post
    A few weeks ago during the Bill swell he had a pod or two frolicking around us and sharing waves down at Assateague.
    In VB that Saturday evening at Fist st, out front of the the bigger waves that were breaking past the distance of the end of the jetty, there were about three or four that were like playing follow the leader for about five minutes. One after the other, they were leaping out of the faces of the waves in succession and right back into the face before it broke. That was really cool, actually brought a tear to me eye. Those little buggers are super smart and it's amazing how they intelligently pursue enjoyment and fun.

    Also, really funny, a few years ago at around 25th st. It was dead-low tide and a bunch of dolphins were feeding just outside the bars so people were walking out like 75 yds and still knee deep to get a closer look. These two Korean dudes walked out right to the edge of the bar and were waiting for them to surface, they had their cameras and all that. They didn't realize that there was a steep drop just to the side of them. Suddenly, two dolphins come flying up about 4-5 feet out of the water about 5 feet to their left, playful wrestling over this big fish, each had an end in their mouths and there was blood spraying all over from it. These two dudes totally lost it...first they were totally paralyzed, then after the splashdown they flung their cameras every which way into the ocean while trying to get away, grabbing and running into each other, screaming Korean gibberish and howling trying to get the F away.