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    Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with O'neil. I use the gloves and boots 3 or 4 times a week all winter long. The Superfreak 7mil with the round toe and the divider inside so you get the support of the split toe and the added warmth of the round toe is great. The split toe is OK in the 5mil until it gets too cold. When it gets colder "lobster claw" mitts are much warmer than gloves. have fun and keep us posted on your choice and results.

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    Oneill 5 mill lobster claws and 7 mill oneill boots,bring on the cold!!!!

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    best gloves and boots

    ...its funny (cuz I get cold really easily), but I've done fine with o'neill 3ml boots until Jan, then 5ml boots, but its my hands that feel the cold the worst - so for midwinter until early spring, I had to settle for 7ml mittens! (but my hands never get cold anymore)

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    Quote Originally Posted by endlessummer89 View Post
    What kind of gloves and boots is everybody going to be using this winter. I am done with my oneil boots and gloves, what should I move on to.
    The kind that don't leak and keep you warm. O'neil has made a top notch product for decades. Don't rely on what's trendy this year as if your were buying a purse. If you really have to ask this question you should buy anything in the store that is PINK!

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    xcel drylocks buy them i wear quiksilver 5mm synchro and my hands and feet get cold fast. went to nor cal and used a friends xcel suit gloves and booties and was toasty all day
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    i got 3mm boots with a 3 mm heat sock and 5mm f bomb lobster claws i found last spring

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    Ripcurl Sucks

    Ripcurl gloves suck ass. Xcel boots are amazing. got the size too small, but i eventually stretched em' out. they need to start making half sizes. just bought a pair of quicksilver 5 mil mitts. they're the type of glove tht says 5 mil, but is really only like 1 thick, so they're just as warm, but they're crazy thin and easy to put on.