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    Gravity skateboards are really great. The carve 39 might be good for you it is a really great all around board for cruising, carving and even getting serious in pools, parks, ditches etc. Gravity's are also reasonably priced. You can get on around $150.

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    Strangely, the best skateboard I've ever ridden was a board I pieced together myself. That way everything was exactly to my liking. Early 80s style deck, Really old "street shadow" Gullwing trucks (actually from the 80s), and new wheels, bearings, and some Medium-light bushings. It carves great, turns like a champ, and rides as smooth as a longboard. Good luck with whatever route you go.

  3. I've got a Sector 9 complete that is about 36" long, fiberglass/maple bowed up concave and a kick tail shape. its got 66mm kryptonics wheels and some indy trucks. its in good condition. $85... pm me if you want pics or talk more, Im in howard county md now so not too far from potomac/moco..

  4. i'll sell my flexdex rt 29