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    An Unridden Season

    Just thought I'd share this quasi-surf blog that I write.

    An Unridden Season-GHIVE

    An Unridden Season-blogspot

    -A word of caution: I'm not trying to be a heady surf journalist or anything like that. I'm not a journalism student, nor am I remotely trying to be. This is just something where I enjoy writing about time spent surfing, and a place to vent when I start shaking from not surfing. I also enjoy trying to take a few photos, but again, I'm not trying to do anything major here At all. I really just throw together this rudimentary thing together just for kicks. I figured since I enjoy writing it a little bit, maybe someone wouldn't mind reading it. Criticize if you like, that's why I'm sharing it here. I'm from Long Island, but currently go to University of Maryland.
    I've been updating both the GHIVE site as well as the Blogger site, not sure which one is better yet at this point. The content on both is the same so far. Well, thats it.
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