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Thread: I need a cookie

  1. I need a cookie

    I was so excited about the deal i got off ebay that i just had to share it with you bros. So, i was looking for some cold weather booties and gloves and came upon an auction for a sick set of all brand new Xcel tek7 mm booties, xcel drylock 7mm mittens, and xcel 2mm hood with bill. Best of all, all three things were in the size i need. just tried all the stuff on and im so stoked. It was from NY and the tags have UnSound surfshop on them, so props to whoever put this sick set on ebay.

    But, Can anyone explain as to what the difference is between the Xcel DRYLOCK 7mm round toe booties and the Xcel TEK 7mm booties? Any of you guys have good experience with the booties and gloves i just got? Is it weird trying to grip the deck with thick mittens?

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    It's weird grabbing rails with club hands in a wetsuit, but it's still way better than the club hands you'd have without the gloves. To get a sense of it, get a pitcher of water and fill halfway with ice cubes, then stick your hands into it for about 10 minutes, that is if you can take it that long.