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    Longbeach vs Belmar. Both have similar set ups. A jetty every quarter mile or so. Belmar has these pilings that pop out of nowhere, longbeach dosent have pilings just the jetties to look out for. They are both beachbreaks that closeout at about 10ft with no channel to paddle out. With the forecasted east swell the sweep will be insane at longbeach. We use the jetties at longbeach to pull us out to the lineup, the current takes you straight out. Duckdives are a must. Both spots are steep ledgy waves that get hollow when its offshore. With the offshore wind at 20kt be prepared to get blinded by the spray when you drop in. Its a hard paddle out at both spots but well worth the effort. Time the lulls and duckdive your ass off and you will be ok.

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    so dodge jettys, timing, and duck dive.

    i hope i am not the only one out. i dont think it will be over 10ft. and from what i can tell from past pictures and the current cam its a lot like OCMD on a big day. not to far of a paddle and it breaks fast and close to shore.

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    definitely a harder paddle on a big day in lb than in belmar

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    without a good duck dive its a solid 10 15 minute paddle out almost all the time, especially on big days