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Thread: Surfboard found

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    I second this ^ for those who have lost their board please chime in.

    When I paddle out my board does not leave my hands on the way to and from the car so I don't know how someone forgets it at the beach in October! It's not like you were chilling at the beach and then went home and just left it.

    But standup move by the guy who found it. Was there anyone around/in the water? You may have "stole" it as opposed to found it. I did that with a leash when I was like 10. I found it on the beach and brought it home thinking someone just left it. My older brother kicked my a$$ and told me it was someone who was out surfing and didn't need it... Then I was like oh.

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    finders keepers mon!....nah jk. thats awesome. ton of good karma coming your way. its easey to loose it i gues if your minds still on the session you just had. then you change into warm clothes and drive away. your board= lost

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    is still don't see how it can be easy. I always put my board on my bike rack or in my Jeep BEFORE I would change.

    hmmm too much weed maybe.

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    ahh... pretty easily..

    i found a dan taylor on the beach once.tourist were looking at it like a dead person.. it was like god just put it in the sand for me... a sick stickk.... i rode it till the guy whos board it was saw me riding my bike home once... it was awkward, some one had stolen it from him at first street out his car. and i had found it on the beach.... but i really did not know, doubt he believed me. But, my point being...
    On a big north or south swell... if you go out with out a leash, or the leash break. good luck. board probably had drifted 10 streets....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmycraxcorn View Post
    I love the "I found a surfboard" thread as much as the "I lost a surfboard" thread. How about... if it's not yours, leave it the F#CK alone. If you guys stop "finding" surfboards, maybe these douchebag kooks will stop "losing" theirs.

    I dont know but if someone stole a board from me and someone found it after the thief who stole it dumped it to avoid going to jail I know I would want them to pick it up and try to find its owner like this guy is doing.

    I am pretty sure you would want them to do the same