It makes me sick when I see Mcdonalds or any fast food bag being tossed out of moving vehicle.

Some people are just ignorant.

Next time you come to a stop light at a crowded intersection look at the area where the asphalt meets the grass. I gaurantee there will be 200-300 cigarette butts. This really makes me angry. People who choose to smoke should have to deal with the nasty smelling cigarette butt in the ashtray of their car. That's the only reason they throw them out. They don't want their car to smell bad because of the ashtray. But they'll inhale the stuff and then throw it on the ground for everyone else to deal with.

This probly happens x1,000,000 everyday in your state.

I say increase the fine for throwing anything out of your car to $10,000 and make it as easy as a phone call from another motorist to turn you in via license plate #. My guess is this would stop almost immediately. Ignorance.