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  • Say nothing keep surfing as if it never happened

    11 15.71%
  • Drop in on him on his next couple waves

    12 17.14%
  • Say something loud enough to your buddy so that he hears you and knows that's not gonna fly

    15 21.43%
  • say something like "Did you hear me call you off?" or "Why did you just drop in?"

    26 37.14%
  • Surf harder, don't respect lineup, jockey for position and get everything you can

    4 5.71%
  • Tell him to meet you on the beach

    2 2.86%
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallysurfr View Post
    This is interesting. Last night I went with option 3. I paddled back out and my buddy was like "how was that one?"

    I replied with "it was good until I got dropped in on, probly would have been one of my best barrells of the year. Oh well!"

    His buddy heard this and reported back to him when he got back out there. But normally I would say something like "How was my wave?" Give him the chance to explain himself (may have been an honest mistake) and then kept surfing.

    I can honestly say that I have not dropped in on anyone in about 2 or 3 years. It just ruins the wave for me knowing I just did that to someone. Maybe that's why I get steamed when someone out there doesn't even take the 1/2 second to turn their head and make sure no one else is already on it.

    yeah i find it hard to not notice someone on the wave. i know exactly where everyone around me is when i get out. plus what else are you doin when waiting for a way. its hard for me not to notice someone on a wave. the only time i get close is with my buddy when we butt for the same wave after no sets for a while.

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    If I'm pissed off. I'll just run into them and be like oops.

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    alright heres my vent.. over the summer im surfing at the surf beach havein a fun old time down on one end with only 3 people close.. one flounder and one longboarder.. i take off on a wave longboarder drops in and i just let it go.. paddle back out.. i get another one long-border drops in again except he hears me yelling turns looks at me and keeps down the line.. now im pissed i like what was that he just paddles off and im like whatever... big set comes in im right on the peak big ol right look over to see the longborder paddling franticly on the shoulder drops in and goes left right into the breaking part and gets smashed.. i am like yo what was that.. later he confronts me on the beach and was like alright i dont wana get angry here.. i straight geeked and was like you angry at me, called him out on everything and the only thing he had to say was hey im an old dude you gota cut me some slack.. i understand that and if it was that first wave i would have no problem with him, but 3 times, the second 2 he obviously knew what he was doing.. thats plain ignorant

  4. communication is key

    I agree to say something and after that they choose how to handle themselves. To many egos and aggros out there. I spent 10 years exploring back country ski areas in CO. When I found a good spot I would enjoy it and move on if I found it got to crowded for my liking. Or I would enjoy it with those who were there. I find the same with surfing and skating. If I find I am not welcome, i move on or hit it at times when the egos arn't around. Lifes to short, real men are fighting overseas to help people who are living in oppressed states and here we fight over shoulder high mush. big picture people, see it.

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    I mean no reason to bring in people are fighting overseas for us, thats kinda lame everyone knows that....The way I see it is that everyone knows the guys out there that are good and just drop in because they are *ss_holes and we all also know the kooks that have no clue whats going on and do it accidentally...Point being its going to happen if your at a crowded spot no reason to hurt someone or yourself..... It crosses the line when its going off and you have guys "not seeing" other guys. that can't happen you gotta be aware when its pumping and the conditions are dangerous!!

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    sometimes the only lesson that some people respond to is a punch in the face.

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    I usually say "hey coming down" or something to them words. If they dont heed the warning I step forward and lean back and build up speed. I know my board wont ding from a collision with a short board . 10oz volan make a board heavy. I had this benny droping in on me and just kept going till my 11 inch fin nip the tip of his board off. He started yelling at me your gonna pay for my board . I told him to xxck off and if he stayed out of ppls way his board would be in one peice still . Never seen him again

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    Ok, so over the summer a couple days before H. Bill, I was suring the suring beach in ocmd in the middle of the day (not too crowded, waist high slop). My first wave, some neo-nazi, pale, super tatted up (ive never sen him in OC before), blatantly sees me and drops in on me. I yell "Ayyy!" when he dropped in. Right after that he bailed and paddle towards me saying "WHAT?! You wanna take this to the beach?!".
    I was so confused. If he didnt have 40 lbs and 10 years on me I wouldve paddle right to the shore, but it was a lost cause. Ruined my little waist high session.
    What would you do?

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    I avoid crowded breaks for just this reason. I'll usually pick another break close by. It may not be as clean or big, but the wave count goes up and the stress level goes down.

    Years ago, I used to give a guy a couple of chances, but if I picked up the vibe that he or his crew were taking advantage of my passiveness, I'd bail backwards and let my board launch in his direction. I only know of 3 guys that actually got hit with the board. They didn't react any different than the guys that noticed the board almost hitting them. In either case, they would say: "Hey dude...control your board" or something along those lines. My reply was always the same: "Sorry, man, but you dropped in on me." It worked

    Mind you, I was younger and I was sure that they knew what they were doing was wrong. Now-a-days, if someone's looking like they're going to drop in, I let out a loud "Going right (or left)" in their direction while I'm paddling. I also lock my eyes on them. If you speak loud enough, they almost always look. It's a natural reaction. That's when I gesture my head/face in their direction. It almost always works. When I paddle back out, I show some appreciation. Just my two cents.

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    ussually let out a big whistle and yell and if they keep goin for the wave i will have a little stern chat with them on the inside and if they dont have an attitude adjustment. me and the guys will burn him for the rest of the session, Taking it to the beach would be the last resort if the guy took a swing at me or sumtin.