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    cross-training q's?

    I have been out of town for work and haven't been in the water for about two months.

    Put on the rubber and headed-out Tuesday.

    Well, I felt like a poop-on-a-log. I was so out of breath and my shoulders were so weak, I only lasted about two hours before I called it quits.

    Now I will admit, I had the wrong board (too small and thin), but still I felt like shiz out there.

    What do you guys do to keep fit while the surf is down? Especially in the paddling strengh department.

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    i'd like to know this too,i get out of breath quick like my friend who smokes & i have never smoked a cigarette in my life.

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    if you have access to a gym and they have the hand bike that will work pretty good. Upper body cardio.

    Otherwise, swimming, jumping rope, jogging, sprinting, light weight high rep shoulder and tricep workouts.

    For example: start with 5 minutres of jumping rope, then jog in place, then sprint in place, then 100 jumping jacks, then 50 mountain climbers, then 3 minutes of sprinting or suicides, then a 3 minute jog and repeat from the beginning. Do this 3 or four times for an intense cardio then go onto light weight high rep tri and shoulder exercise.

    Or when it's flat, throw the suit on and go for a swim or paddle back and forth between jetties.

    I do all of these things 5 days a week and would consider myself to be the strongest/fastest paddler in my line up most days.

    The wetsuit is always a challenge because if it doesn't fit right then it is adding resistance and if it's too big then you are paddline an extra 30-40 lbs. of water. I make sure all of my suits are snug but not too tight and I step it up from the spring to the long sleeve spring to the 3/2 to the 4/3 (now) and then to the 6/5/4. i do this with boots as well, 3 mil to 5 then to 7 and gloves 3 to 5.

    If you were in boardshorts the last time you went and now you're in a 4/3 with boots and gloves it will take about 3 or 4 sessions to get used to it.

    Experience: 5 years in the gym
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    The VASA Swim Trainer really does work. It's an amazing piece of equipment. You can even mimic having a wetsuit on by increasing the resistance of the machine (raise the incline, or ad another resistance cord) while you "paddle." And there are lots of core and strength exercises you can do besides paddling.

    It's a bit of an investment up front, but I've had mine since 1996. So it's paid for itself many times over, simply in gas money saved by not having to drive to a pool or a gym.

    I run 3-days a week, and do the Swim Trainer 2-3 times a week. Leaves me ready for 3/2's and 4/3's. (You really do have to "step up" for a 5/4/3).

    The only other thing that got me close to this kind of condition was being part of a Master's Swim team. Most pools have them. But you usually have to join the pool and the team. So $$ is an issue. But a couple months with a Master's team and you'll likely be in the best paddling shape of your life!

    The Vasa will do a job too. It is for real.

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    Im in college an hour a way from the coast and am not allowed to have a car. So instead of getting in at least two to three sessions in a week, like I did for the past few years, I only get to surf 2-3 times a month. The fact is, you're not surfing so you're not gonna be in top surfing condition like you used to be. So for non surfing exercise I swim almost 10000 yards a week, lift weights twice a week and run once a week. And skateboard a lot

  6. Lotta great suggestions above me. I personally like to box. I have the whole set up in my garage (I was a trainer for years including a couple times as a corner man for ESPN Friday Night Fights back in the day) and I find that jumping rope, working the heavy bag, push ups, sit ups (anything to work the core), pull ups, speed bag, and a LOT of plyometrics works wonders for cardio and cross trainng for surfing. A lot of core muscles are used in surfing and the same goes for boxing.
    The other thing would be stretching... I'm getting older so I need to spend random times stretching out to keep my flexability. I signed my 4 year old daughter up for BJJ and she starts next week... I'm kicking around the idea of signing up as well. That should be incredible for my flexability as well as my cardio.