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    video camera

    looking to buy a good video camera to take video of surfing and snowboarding. entry level quality but still want to be able to zoom and take average to good videos any suggestions.

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    for the price i thought this water proof camera was sick and surfline did a review of it. I am definitely getting this for next summer.

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    go with a gopro camera they look more worth the price than the xacti, and they can go much deeper underwater.

  4. I have a go pro and I like it. I've filmed so much **** with it and it's been pretty cool. They just came out with an HD one I'd def go for that. I have a Sony vg 2100 I would sell for the right price if your interested. Bad ass camera

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    olympus has a digital camera that water proof up to 33 ft which is sick and has video taking capability