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    A he-a-cane on my birfday? Nice

    Well everyone today is my birthday, another year come and gone. One thing that is great to say is at least i finally got outta AZ.....Being away from the ocean for that year n a half almost killed me. So this Ida Lady is gonna give us some nice boom booms. I cant wait another Birthday He-a-cane

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    so whered ya hit

    WoW what a great day! where did u end up? seemed to me some of what ws coming through was head high. just awesome!!!! tomorrow and wednesday too!

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    RobbWillow Guest
    I surfed the 3rd jetty it was hittin nice, and surfed till it got dark and then sum, definatly head high sets, that pier was suckin up and just peelin barrels, i was totally stoked.....gonna do a dawn session on tuesday AM i'll be at White Ave by like 530-6ish and surf for a lil before i got class up in tampa, see you out there ..peace