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    I love to fish, hunt, play basketball, and play hockey when the lakes freeze. I also enjoy packin some nice dips on a daily basis. Surfing and baseball are my two favorites though.

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    on a nice day when there are no waves i like to take my dog to the beach. he's pretty good too. times the sets before he goes for the ball. i've also pushed him into some nice waist high shore pounders. he rides the best he can.

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    When Im not surfing then Im painting, reading surf mags and plotting how to get my self back in the water. Im pretty much surf-obsessed. But who can blame me lol.

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    Shooting, mountain biking and snowboarding

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    Mountain biking, Snowboarding & Motorcycles.

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    Backpacking, Hiking, Nature Photography, Watchin college/ pro football.

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    Exclamation training...

    when i was a kid, i remember being out paddled by an old fat guy at north side and decided to start paddling... and that never happened to me again. triathlon, paddling, surfskiing, running, swimming, cycling are on the list. i hate doing anything with a team or balls or weights. surfing around here blows and there is only one wave i i stay in good shape waiting for that wave to awake. 2 b honest; when we get surf for 4 or 5 days in a row, i feel out of shape. the older i get the less waves i seemingly need...

    so paddle fast, set up deep, go 4 broke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    just about anything active and outdoors. I went mountain biking on some real trails for the first time last weekend, and it was really fun.
    You go to white clay? Some of the best trails around. I try and go whenever I can. Mountain biking has been great for me and has made me commit to training for a triathlon. Love to go out there sometime with you, I know the trails pretty well now.

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    I make beats. Check em out...

    I also like snowboard, and rip my snowmobile around in the backcountry. Its a hard life, but someone has gotta do it.

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    hairy cairy track is a banger